NUI Galway academics gag colleague, cry homophobia

Professor Sean Leen accused of “blatant homophobia” and branded “hateful dinosaur”

Dr Pat Morgan, please don’t lie to NUI Galway students

On the 26th of April 2018, Dr Pat Morgan sent an email to all registered students at NUI Galway

An open letter to Oonagh Buckley

Oonagh Buckley, Director General of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC)

WRC Adjudication Officer Pat Brady promotes hatred of Christianity

Mr Brady retweeted a video comparing religious MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to Gaddafi, Hussein and Stalin

The case against WRC Adjudication Officer Louise Boyle

Louise Boyle’s conduct calls into question her fitness to hold office at the Workplace Relations Commission

Grave Concerns Regarding Workplace Relations Commission

An update on legal proceedings: 15 January 2018

Double Standard at NUI Galway: Financial Details Revealed

Vice-President for the Student Experience Dr Pat Morgan complicit in discriminatory activity

Four Christian Students at NUI Galway Punished with Lifelong Sanction

Questions raised about senior members of NUI Galway administration and academia

Suppression of Christian Belief at NUI Galway

3,000-word account describes a litany of abuses and corruption